Mamma Mia!

July 7, 2008

OUT: 10th JULY

The musical based on the music of Swedish supergroup ABBA gets its movie makeover after huge international success on the stage. And it’s no prosaic Ben Elton dirge either, the story of a young bride-to-be’s mission to finally meet her estranged father at her wedding is cleverly crafted around well-known pop numbers like Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme, I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do and other such repetitive titles. The first ten minutes is our introduction to the obscure world of Mamma Mia!, the uneasy opening of a can of worms the likes of which has never been seen…  Read the rest of this entry »


Kung Fu Panda

July 1, 2008

OUT: 4th July

Still looking for a bona-fide animation classic since the dawn of Shrek, Dreamworks fill the voice boxes of a bunch of cuddly (yet deadly) fighting machines with some premier league talent. Jack Black stretches his vocal elasticity to the limit as the unlikely panda chasing dreams of ass-kicking glory, limbering up to face a foe of pure evil… an English one, of course. Read the rest of this entry »

3 And Out

April 24, 2008

OUT: Friday 25th

It’s fair to say the British film industry has a rather patchy reputation, and for every Trainspotting there will be a Mean Machine. Despite a formidable cast, this black comedy fails to raise anything more than a few wry smiles- and certainly a little distaste.  Read the rest of this entry »


April 10, 2008

OUT: 11th April

Rapidly making a name for himself as both an actor and director of true class and skill, George Clooney diverts his attention from any political convictions for his new 20’s-lite comedy Leatherheads. And who can blame him for wanting to cavort about for a while and have some harmless fun? ME! Read the rest of this entry »

Diary Of The Dead

March 7, 2008



After witnessing several valiant stabs at mimicking the master of zombie horror, the man himself returns to teach us all a lesson. A Social Studies lesson, it would appear, as George A. Romero brings his gory, infection-ridden brand of tangy satire to the screens once more (with added Cloverfield).  Read the rest of this entry »

Be Kind Rewind

February 21, 2008


OUT: February 22nd 

The madcap absurdity of Jack Black, the whimsical imagination of director Michel Gondry and a contrived-yet-intriguing premise are the delectable ingredients in this bizarre recipe. The flavours may not complement each other perfectly and the aftertaste may be a little too sweet, but the chewy centre is just tasty enough. This film has nothing whatsoever to do with cooking, i’m just experimenting with metaphors. So, this movie then… Read the rest of this entry »

I Am Legend

December 19, 2007


Released: Boxing Day 

Yes Will Smith, we know you’re legend. It’s been a busy crimbo period for Oscar but we managed to squeeze in some vampire-blasting action ahead of the release of I Am Legend, even if the ego-stroking title was rather a turn-off. Read the rest of this entry »

KM 31

December 3, 2007


RELEASED: December 7th 

 The third most watched movie in the history of Mexican cinema makes its way to our sunny shores this month. While KM 31 is not the seasonal Christmas fuzziness that dominates the box office this time of year, this ghost-ridden shocker certainly deserves to be seen down our neck of the woods. It’s on a limited release but it’s coming to Nottingham, so take advantage.

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