Bad Taste

Hello. Rusty Oscar is now over a year old, and to celebrate this the film industry has decided to start putting decent blockbuster fodder out there in the coming months. Hancock and Wanted impressed with their silly energy, the Adrian Mole for girls arrives next week in the form of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (bad title change from the excellent book), and yet another Pixar masterwork attempts to break animation records once again with Wall-E. There’s already talk of a posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger, and we’ll soon see if his performance in The Dark Knight is worthy of the gong rather than just sentiment and sympathy.    

It’s also great to see poor taste and post-modern racism back on the big screen. With the Marmite-flavoured Adam Sandler bravely/foolishly playing an Israeli soldier-turned-hairdresser in Don’t Mess With the Zohan and king of controversy Robert Downey Jr ‘blacking up’ for the outrageous Tropic Thunder, there’ll be no shortage of Anchorman-style quotes to share over the barbie. Assuming are actually allowed a summer this year…



P.S: We’re always looking to expand, so if you have any ideas or would be interested in contributing in any way please make a comment on this page. Rusty Oscar has special access to advance press screenings of new cinema releases in the Nottingham area, so take advantage!


6 Responses to “The Cutting Room”

  1. Ben Travis said

    Cool blog! I’ll put a link to it on ours 🙂
    Check it out! I found the Pirates review very comical. When I gave it 4 out of 5, I did so purely for entertainment value [and the fact that I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to. See you at film academy!
    Ben x

  2. Browny Whitehead said

    whell bollocks 2 that, u shity little Sun-basher. If it wurnt 4 peeple like u we wudnt hav to read books bout ow if u hit kids, they cry on thu inside. Nd dont u go sayin them films dont give u anythin. how else my sone gonna see peeple that dont cum from Backwater-on-the-Mire? hell, aint like he ever gonna meet any. stops the basterd running away is what it dus. u talk bout films like ur a critiq, but ur ment to talk for the people, ntd i cnt undurstan a fuckin thing. so u tell me hoose smart mistur

  3. rustyoscar said

    sorry you feel that way, Browny. I’m afraid i can’t understand most of your comment, so i guess we’re in the same boat! I also don’t see how anyone is supposed to talk for ‘the people’. i try and talk for ‘some people’, but its impossible to talk for ‘the people’. I clearly don’t talk for you, but there are plenty of blogs out there that will.

    And where’s Backwater-on-the-Mire? It sounds nice.


  4. Siobhán Cannon-Brownlie said

    Hey guys,
    Don’t know if your interested but I saw Once this evening, and loved it, was wondering if you wanted me to review it?
    Don’t worry if not, I know the film’s been around for a while, but as it’s just had a UK release, might be a good time to review it.
    Also, if you don’t like my review, then you don’t have to use it, just an idea.
    Siobhán x

  5. Maximus said

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  6. rustyoscar said

    you are perfectly right maximus. our new year’s resolution is to not be so lazy.

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