January 30, 2008


OUT: February 1st 

The title gives nothing away. Neither did the unique marketing campaign that truly re-defined the term ‘teaser trailer’. What exactly is Cloverfield and why is this film so curiously familiar yet genuinely pioneering? If you don’t want to find out yet, be wary of the following… Read the rest of this entry »


In The Valley Of Elah

January 25, 2008


OUT: Today

Writer Paul Haggis’ 2005 remarkable directorial debut Crash will be remembered as much for its shock Best Picture win over Brokeback Mountain at the Oscars as it will for its edgy story of disparate individuals in Los Angeles whose lives intersect over a couple of days, and the terrific performances by the ensemble cast Don Cheadle, Sandra Bullock and Supporting Actor Nominee Matt Dillon. At times brilliant, even electrifying, Crash did suffer from occasional mawkish sentimentality and Haggis’ unsubtle direction. With In The Valley Of Elah, he has matured into a serious craftsman. Read the rest of this entry »

No Country For Old Men

January 21, 2008



The Coen brothers’ near-spotless output splits into two very disparate categories. The first is perhaps best represented by 1996’s Fargo, a low-key but brutal mix-up movie in the deepest caverns of black humour. And in the blue corner, overtly oddball comedies like Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski have also become a Coen trademark, the visual spectacle taking a front seat and technicolour dream worlds unfolding from manic chase sequences. If you’re a disciple of either direction, this film will bowl you over. But your ranking of No Country in the Coen canon might depend on which camp you really belong to. Read the rest of this entry »

Alien vs Predator: Requiem

January 20, 2008



Not a title that rolls off the tongue, is it? And it’s in no way linked to classical music I can assure you. Yet the match made in hell returns and Earth is the battleground for their beef, so soak up the carnage and try not to get too attached to any of the characters… it’s not that hard. Read the rest of this entry »

Charlie Wilson’s War

January 14, 2008



In the early eighties Texas congressman Charlie Wilson funded an unprecedented defence against the Soviet Union by the people of Afghanistan. In Mike Nichols’ timely re-telling of the extraordinary events, Tom Hanks fills the cowboy boots of the sleazy-yet-breezy champion of the middle east. But what’s it trying to do to us? Read the rest of this entry »