November 21, 2007



Big nasty monsters chewing off heads and ripping bodies in half. Blood and drool dripping right into your left eye. A nigh-on naked Angelina Jolie. This is the 12A that is Beowulf, a rather scary, violent and bare-breasted adventure for the tweens, but a landmark in CGI filmmaking that must not be missed. Read the rest of this entry »


American Gangster

November 21, 2007



Possibly the most hyped movie of the season and the one expected to clean up at the Oscars, American Gangster does have an awful lot going for it. Ridley Scott directs and Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe star in this adaptation of the true story of Frank Lucas (Washington), a driver for infamous Harlem gangster Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson who, after Bumpy’s death, became the biggest heroin kingpin in New York, who was eventually taken down by Detective Richie Roberts (Crowe). Read the rest of this entry »

Into The Wild

November 9, 2007



Actors who turn their hand to directing are an interesting breed. Differing crucially from directors who act (Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, errr… Hitchcock?) in ways too numerous and tedious to discuss any further in this review, only the rare Clint Eastwoods and George Clooneys actually make a significant mark on the industry. Self-importance, self-indulgence and other self-somethings are all potential pitfalls when an established thesp thinks he can handle the pressure behind the lens. This week the king of mean ‘n’ moody Sean Penn releases Into The Wild into the wild, an intriguing little film that (after some promising false starts) could give a good hard kick to his future as the maverick in the chair. Read the rest of this entry »