Goal 2: Living The Dream (DVD June 11th)

June 7, 2007

It took its name from Big Brother ditz-fest Chantelle’s reality show, and it’s just as stupid.

The first chapter in the football prodigy saga was at least watchable and actually quite touching, if not a masterpiece of contemporary cinema. You could root for the boy as he struggled to break out of humble beginnings and make it in the world of ‘soccer’, willing him to beat the critics and his scary dad to play the game he loves in England, praying he’ll finally get it on with Anna Friel and her dodgy geordie accent.

The unecessary second film gives us a character who has become selfish, arrogant, unprofessional, a liar and a cheat. And he plays for Real Madrid. ‘Oh no… audience, have sympathy for the lad, look what fame has done to him!’ NO! Get your feet on the ground and get over yourself you freeloading little whinge! The British public see enough real-life incarnations of self-pitying, over-paid sports ‘personalities’ as it is. There’s very little to enjoy about this silly mess if you can’t get past this heavy-handed attempt at a morality tale. The mildly entertaining football action sequences are slashed in comparison to the first outing, presumably to make room for the pointless ‘celebrity’ cameos.         

 The DVD includes some basic featurettes that do little more than explain what football is, for those 3 people who weren’t sure. Oh, the cast and crew also let us in on the secret that the film isn’t really about football as such, but about living the dream. Ahhhh. There’s also a writer and director commentary in which we learn that the script had to be churned out in 3 weeks (shock horror), and a few pieces of arse-wiping promotional material.  


One Response to “Goal 2: Living The Dream (DVD June 11th)”

  1. Ben Travis said

    This is a very funny review! I really like your blog :]
    I thought the first one was OK, but this looked awful! Now I know that I definitely shouldn’t see it!
    Don’t you hate it when films come out in America well before they do in the UK? Grrrrr.
    Lots of good films coming out this year – although some have proved disappoining…
    Anyway, good review!

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