Notes On A Scandal (DVD June 4th)

June 4, 2007

Notes On Judi’s Creepy Wig

Aka the one where Cate Blanchett de-flowers a small child and Judi Dench is a creepy lesbian. That said, ‘Notes’ is a tremendous piece of work from stalwart director Richard Eyres, a much more engaging drama then it first appears.

Though we’re treated to masterclass performances all round, the film’s nicest surprises are stylistic ones. The camera deftly avoids the busy road chosen by many contemporary, ‘real’ dramas, sacrifing grit and rawness for gloss on a grand scale. The initially OTT score feels right at home when the debauchery unfolds, and with Patrick Marber’s (Closer) sharp book-to-screen adaptation, ‘Notes’ takes shape as a dark, devious and sophisticated watch.

The DVD includes an enlightening director’s commentary and a number of featurettes and interviews.


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